nhn Cloud



We offer flexible and reliable cloud services for your business growth.
With our capabilities based on developing and operating large-scale services, we provide a cloud environment best for your business.

  • Flexible cloud environmentfor diverse businesses

  • Strong security
    with strict standards

  • Industry-specific cloud services
    for finance, public, games, commerce and more

Data center

Urban internet data center built by NHN Cloud's capabilities.
With large-scale infrastructure operation experience, we have facilities to provide fast and reliable IT services.

  • Improve operational efficiency
    with a desired internet line

  • Gain stability and reliability
    by meeting data center criteria

  • Improve conveniencewith remote operation support


From cloud to hosting, we offer services so that anyone can easily build an infrastructure environment.
We support all elements for web service operation, from hosting to security, so that customers can focus on their business.

  • Hosting capabilities
    with years of infrastructure operation

  • Experts on infrastructure operation
    from cloud to hosting.

  • Reliable service
    24/7, 365 days


We provide a variety of cloud AI services for business and daily life.
Our continuous research on natural language processing, voice/face recognition, and more allows you to easily develop and apply AI without specialized expertise.

  • With large-scale GPU farm,
    high-performance computing infrastructure

  • With years of knowhow
    outstanding AI capabilities

  • Easy-to-use and
    various AI services